LAZF : Bonus Episode 1

In this bonus episode, Matt and I interview attendees of the Los Angeles Zine Fest. We discuss what brought them to the fest, any specific zines they find interesting, and their impressions of the fest. Enjoy!


Jenny Jaffe – @jennyjaffe, @spoofthereitis

Mike Levine – @bizmichael,

Joseph Honeycutt – @jcutta14

Aaron Perkins

Alicia – MAP Fest, Citrus College, Aug. 17th, 9AM to 2PM

Steven (sweet deets on Zine Fest navigation)

Allison (from Boise)

Anna (Super cool East LA teacher) and Orlando (from Florida)

Ritt Pong – Shout outs to Kevin Novales ( and Juliette Toma (

Beatrus (‘nough said)

Mitchi Rodriguez – Shout outs to FUPU ( and Pablo Estrada (

Valerie J. Bower : Z008

Valerie Bower is a photographer who focuses on the daily life of underrepresented communities (POC, lowrider, etc). We discuss discovering community through photography and Valerie’s personal artistic journey. It’s great!


McHank : Z007

McHank’s an illustrator who’s zine, Perpetually Twelve, is a collection of awesome illustrators and interviews with killer bands (from Grandaddy to Fugazi). Enjoy this zany, inspirational talk!

Insta: @mchank

Bee Britt : Z004

Bee Britt’s distro and zine, Burn Black Distro, features zinesters who turn trauma and tragedies into triumphs. We also discuss Bee’s zine Sucker, love and loss, and the power of music. Enjoy!
@burnblackzine -> Insta, Twitter