John Pham : Z025

In this episode, I talk with illustrator and comic book author John Pham, author of the comic zine Epoxy and the recently published J + K from Fantagraphics.  We talk about how his career got started, what it means to be a creative when getting older, and some super cool underground Manga.  Enjoy!

Insta/Twitter: @superphamicom

This Goth Bitch (Michael Vincent Garcia) : Z024

In this week’s episode I talk with Michael Garcia, a zinester who writes This Goth Bitch, featuring Goth comics, interviews and horror movie reviews, and Hey Ghoul Friend, an interview zine featuring artists and musicians. We talk about finding our identity through music, growing up in the Suburbs, and I get a couple horror recommendations to check out. Quick note: the audio isn’t perfect this go around, which I apologize for. However, that didn’t stop us from making a great episode. Thanks for listening and enjoy!


Haruka (stainperfect) : Z022

^^^ Click here to listen!!

In this episode I talk with Haruka, who creates Riso printed zines under the name Stain Perfect. We talk about her journey from humanitarian work to zine making, the Japanese zine scene, and her current work which both explore and express who she is. Her Zines are introspective, meditative, and inviting.  Enjoy!

@stainperfect on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

The Zine Machine : Z021

In this episode I talk with Amy from the Zine Machine project, who uses an older candy vending machine to sell small zines while creating a fun, memorable experience.  We discuss the machine itself, how hate zines have no place in zine culture, how awesome Chicago and the Chicago Zine Fest are, and how there are Bison only 45 minutes from her house.  

Instagram/Twitter: @zinemachine780

Sylvana DeAngelo : Z019

In this episode I talk with Sylvana DeAngelo, an artist who runs a Zine press called Zine Club and is the Artistic Director for the Vancouver Art Book Fair.  We discuss her creative work, what went into curating the Vancouver Art Book Fair Zine section, how the definition of zines change from generation to generation, and how zines create a platform for open communication.  I also take a journey down memory lane, when santa would visit our school in a helicopter.  It’s real and will be explained later.  This episode is a Skype recording, so the quality isn’t as great as other episodes.  We apologizes and  thank you for tuning in as we continuously work through our tech issues.  Enjoy!



Vancouver Art Book Fair SUPERSODE : Z018


In this episode, Matt and I interview various exhibitors at the Vancouver Art Book Fair. We talk to:

Deniz Beşer (Heyt Be Fanzine) – @deniz.beser

15:27 – Christine and Erik Schneider Gutierrez (Really Easy Press) –

50:02 – Amy Burek (Awkward Ladies Club) – @awkwardladies

1:12:56 – Tajliya Jamal and Randi Hamel (Three Beans Comics Collective) – @tajliyaj, @artbunns

1:33:09 – Aidan Johnson, Hana Amani and Dariush Alexandra (Press Mattr) – @pressmattr


Stacy Russo : Z017


Stacy Russo is a Librarian, Poet, Author, Professor, and Zinester from Santa Ana, CA. She believes in lifelong learning, peaceful living, the power of personal story, public education, and libraries as community places.  We talk about the zine fest experience, how we work on making a positivity impact on people around us, and her recent book Love Activism.  She’s an inspiring and loving woman who I can’t thank enough for being on the podcast.  Oh, and Matt’s back!, @puckrockwoman

Zines and Politics (Live at the Long Beach Zine Fest) : Bonus Episode 4!


In our first live episode, I talk with Bryan West, Sarah Gail Armstrong, Dave Van Patten, and Avy Jetter about how they use Zines to talk about Political and Social Issues. We discuss issues with race, LGBT rights and gun violence.  It’s an open, honest, and fun conversation about very difficult topics.  Thanks to the Long Beach Zine Fest for making this awesome event possible! Enjoy!!, @lbzinefest, @bryanwestart

@sarahgail, Facebook: sarahgailarmstrong, @davevanpatten, @nuthingood4